Michèle Jarry des Loges is a Jewel Fairy. 

Out of a chaos of natural stones, gems, meteorites,

fossils, shells, crystals, Venetian glass and ancient elements… 

she shapes  unexpeted and magical compositions into unique masterpieces. 


Michèle started twenty years ago as an artist-designer. 

Very soon her talent seduced the top people in the Haute Couture: 

Christian Lacroix, Nina Ricci, Louis Féraud… 


Always refining and deepening her personal style,

she creates unique pieces, limited editions and collections.

Her combinations of a thousand and one colours and a thousand

and one materials reflect the creative power of a boundless imagination 

in perfect balance and harmony. 


Her jewellery reflects the luxuriousness 

and the generosity of the amazing person that she is. 

She puts all her heart and soul in every single piece. 

preface of the book


From the moment you step into the world

of Michèle Jarry des Loges,  you're bedazzled,

it all sparkles in so many colours, it glitters,

it cascades, it ripples. 


From the rising sun, Michèle picks shafts

that landed on the flower petals,

and light drips clinging on to spider's webs. 


From the evening sun, she catches

a thousand scintillating fires. 

From the deep dark night,

she plucks every single note of the Milky Way. 

I say 'note' because Michèles creations

are also sonatas and symphonies.


Michèle Jarry des Loges is in fact a Fairy

who loves sowing and sprinkling Beauty.


Michèle is a wonderful artist

and also a delicious and precious woman,

being the image and likeness of her jewellery.




Gérard Leleu,

Physician and Author.

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