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the name

One very special baby :  Bébé Univers

Michèles name "Jarry des Loges" is her real name. 

She is the last of the lineage.


Her great-uncle, René Jarry des Loges (1868-1951), 

watched the sky, the stars and the planets. 

This astronomer discovered a crater on Mars, 

which was called : "Jarry des Loges".  

He was also a botanist and cultivated a rose 

with the name "Jarry des Loges". 


Michèles creations are the fruit of this same inspiration, 

which she is going to get far away in the Cosmos, 

and deep down in our Mother Earth,

the stones naturally fashioned since the Night of Time 

and the ones that came from Elsewhere, the Meteorites… 

the signature

The signature "Jarry des Loges Paris" 

certifies the quality and the authenticity 

of an extraordinary artist, who creates wearable art. 


She has developed her own technique, 

the alchemic setting, and her own design, 

a superb balance of asymmetric harmony. 


Michèle is very attached to the name Jarry des Loges. 

She wants the name to live on in all her " pro-creations".

And she gives a name to every piece. 

It is the fruit of a passion for creating. 

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Michèle Jarry des Loges

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