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Entering the workshop of Michèle Jarry des Loges 

is like discovering Aladin's cave. The jewellery shimmers 

and creates a magical, mysterious, fairylike world. 


Here, jewellery becomes an embodied work of art, 

animated by an expert hand that feels and understands 

the stones, and gives them life and warmth in timeless, 

glamourous collections. 





" The sources of my inspiration are diverse and continue to evolve. The only constance is nature.

 It offers me the composants of my creations

and it influences my vision of things.



Each creation and each collection tells a story.

I mix time and space, currunts, cults and cultures, always looking for planetary harmony.



I am part of the microcosmos of the human tribe.

I recieve the energy from the cosmos and transmute it while I'm creating. It flows like a river..."

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Michèle Jarry des Loges

Paris - Terrasson - Rastignac




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