The Fleur de Lys is one of the most ancient emblems

in the world. From Egypt to Byzantium, passing by the Greeks and the Romans, it appeared in so many cultures

as a universal symbol of pureness.

The Frankish Kings made it a true emblem of France.


Michèle gave it wings, she made it into a

"Bird- Fleur de Lys". She gave it lightness and freedom, ready to fly off, up and away. This "Fleur de Lys- Oiseau", this "FLO", is a lucky charm, " un porte bonheur",

symbol of love, lightness, peace and joy.


It is Michèles logo, her signature.


FLO: Fleur de Lys Oiseau

There is a large range of Flo's, they come in pendants, brooches, earrings, cuff links, pins, rings, bookmarks, key rings...

Go with the FLO !

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